The SoundConsoles are like super-sized 18” deep versions of our SoundBars. The unit seen above right measures 64”x 18”x 9.5” which accommodates two 150Watt 6.5” miniature concert-sound woofers, two 3in mid-range pro-sound drivers and a mini-horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, for each of the three main loudspeaker channels. This image is an “exploded” CAD rendering of the all of the components included (less wiring and crossovers).


The right module is our 500W high-impact dual 10” WooferCube, using true concert-sound drivers from Italy. The left module is our high-output Mid-HighCube, including a horn-loaded ribbon tweeter and line-array of French aérogel and concert-sound mid-range drivers.

The mid-range line-array is based on the same design as line-arrays now used for most large pop concerts. Line-arrays offer superior capability to project the farthest beam of crystal-clear sound across concert venues.

No 17” tall loudspeaker can match the SoundCubeMains' ability to provide clear dialogue and audiophile quality music across the largest home entertainment rooms.


Sub SonicThis is our 14Hz. SubSonic Series dual 15” sub-woofers. Below is one of our concert-sound dual 12” sub-woofer. We build our subsonic series dual 15” sub-woofers into custom-sized multi-ply cabinet using only the finest Finland Birch calibrated plywood and long-throw aluminum-cone woofers. Powered by our 650W servo PowerAmp, the Subsonic Sub reaches down to 14 Hz, for those visceral explosions, helicopter and thunder effects.

Slam SubOur SlamSubs use the same premium concert-sound woofers you may have heard at the last rock concert you enjoyed. They are designed and tuned specifically for the “punch or thump” sound range, and are built with either a pair of 10” or 12” high-power woofers. The dual 12” SlamSub-woofer pictured at right can handle a chest-pounding 1200W of continuous AES/RMS power.

CabinetWhen you want great bass in a stand-alone cabinet, that doesn't look like a sub, our EndTableSubs are the answer. The sub at left is equipped with dual 12” high-power sub-woofer drivers. A 1000W 15" concert sound sub-woofer is also an option in our EndTableSubs.

Large-Format SoundSystems

These are large-format HD-quality SoundSystems, built to order for your home audio enjoyment. This SoundSystem is available for your review in our showroom. It is over 7ft. tall and 9ft. wide including a lower SoundConsole, a pair of 7ft. tall SoundTowers on the sides and an overhead SoundBridge; loaded with 3 channels of the above SoundCube Mains and SoundCubeSubs, which are seen in the previous product category. The SoundCubeMains and SoundCubeSubs above are powered by approximately 14,000W of high-efficiency amp. modules from Denmark and processed (crossover and equalization) by state-of-the-art German 24bit DSP modules.

This is THE best solution for homes with large rooms to fill with premium-quality sound.